CardPad for Preschoolers

CardPad offers you not only a set of learning cards for toddlers and preschoolers, but also an excellent and flexible tool for teaching. Our cards help children from two to twelve years old to establish deep and intelligent links with the outside world. Each card includes a high-quality photo, text and pronunciation in eight languages.

In its free version, the CardPad library contains 127 cards in five categories, while hundreds of cards in dozens of categories are available for a paid download.
Use them to develop the vocabulary and teach reading, maths, and other sciences.
You can compile your own albums by using the library cards. For each album and card, you can select one of three display modes:
- Text and sound appear automatically;
- Text and sound appear on click (flashcard);
- Text and sound are hidden.
You can also fully personalize any card, modify the text and record your own voice.
CardPad can be used for training under Montessori and Glenn Doman methods both in groups and individually.